The benefits of our NEW SNOW ICE are clear

We do not use any synthetic preservatives, colours or flavours in our ice cream. It also needs 60% less sugar than regular ice cream. All of our fruit types are vegan, lactose-free and with a fruit ratio of up to 50%. (Conventional ice cream has a ratio of 10-20%). None of our flavours contain more than 1.8% fat or more than 80 kcal per portion.  Enjoying without regretting! The enjoyment of a new generation!

All ice cream flavours can also be produced in pure organic quality, two-coloured or halal. Just inquire about it.

Our Snow-Drops have a starting volume of 95 ml. Thanks to our special chopping procedure, they will turn into our NEW SNOW ICE at a volume of 400 ml. This airy-light structure means that our ice cream will take approx. eight minutes before it starts to melt at an ambient temperature of 25 °C..

As a light enjoyment in the café, to cool off at the beach, “to-go” for a stroll through the city, as a protein ice cream after sports or as a tasty cocktail at night with friends: our NEW SNOW ICE is always the right thing.